Friday, March 27, 2009

My Favorite Cake Ever!


My mom and I made this cake for Enrichment last night  for the Relief Society birthday party. I have made a lot of cakes and so has my mom, but I think this is by far my favorite! The colors were so happy and fun and I love circles. The green layer was a white cake with butter cream frosting, the pink was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and the yellow was lemon with a lemon filling and lemon frosting. We then covered it all with fondant. By the end of the night it was all gone so it must of tasted good. I am glad I got to work with my mom on this project and that she has taken the time to teach me one of her many talents. Now if I could only find a cleaning fairy to come clean up the mess afterwards!

Super Cute Hats!

My friend, Lyndee, has recently found out that the only way they can  have more children is through in-vetro fertilization. To help with the cost she is making these way cute hats and is selling them for a donation. I am serious when I say the are really cute and she does a really good job making them. Check out her blog and see for yourself. There is also a button for her blog in my side bar.

She also makes children sizes.

1st Day of Spring!

Okay, okay, I know it is winter outside right now, but on March 20th, the first day of spring, it was beautiful! So the kids and I went into town and met Brad at the park and had a BBQ and played.




Brad and Ethan rolling down the hill together.






I love those blue eyes and those smiles!




Jacob enjoying a Hot Tamale popsicle. Yum!





















I had to laugh to myself this week as I was doing laundry, washing shorts and capri's, and then I look out the window and the snow is coming down! Were these pictures really from last week? Oh well, it at least gives us something to look forward to!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Fun!

This past weekend we decided to take the kids and stay in a hotel in Provo. I know, you're thinking " why Provo?". Well, we can swim as much as we want and it was free! While we were there we went to the Walter Wick exhibition at BYU's Museum of Art. Walter Wick is the guy who makes the I Spy books. The kids really liked seeing how he made all the models he photographed. There was also an exhibition from an artist named Dan Steinhilber. He is one of those artists who make art out of random things and garbage. The kids really liked that!


This is us in front of a sculpture made out of balloons.

When we got back on Saturday, my mom, Sami and I went out for a "Girls Night". We went to Desert Star Theatre to watch Home School Musical. It was Sami's first time going there and she loved it! Brad and I may have a hard time going there without her now. It is always fun sharing new things with my daughter, I can see our relationship changing and I love it. We are starting to have more things in common and I really enjoy spending time with her.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ice, Ice, Baby.....Can't Touch This!

Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer came in concert on Friday and my awesome Sister-in-Law, Tosha, won me and Brad tickets. It was such a blast from the past!


Here is Vanilla Ice doing his thing.

It was fun being there and seeing everyone dress up like the 80's. The funny thing I noticed is that probably 3/4 of the people who were there either weren't alive or were still in diapers when these artists were famous the first time! Good Times! Also after seeing the styles they were sporting I have to say some of those styles really need to stay dead and buried!


This is the best picture I have of Hammer. He is the one on the left side wearing a red long sleeve shirt, black vest, black pants and black hat. In this picture he had invited up a bunch of people from the crowd to party with him.

He was pretty entertaining too. You could tell he loved being on the stage again and hearing the crowd yell "Go Hammer, Go Hammer, Go!". It was cute because he had his 13 year old son up on stage as one of his dancers, the mom in me wanted to cry cause it was so cute seeing father and son work together!

This was the first time Brad has been down on the floor in a concert so it was quite the experience for him. He loved it! Me, I kind of got tired of the pushing and I was still so sore from working out that the craziness kind of became a little much for me. But it was fun seeing Brad enjoy it.