Monday, December 22, 2008

"All I want for Christmas is my two front stitches!"


Poor Sami! Her first official day of Christmas break and not even half way through the day she trips while playing out in the snow and smacks her mouth on the neighbors porch! So we braved the blizzard that was going on outside and went to the doctors so she could get two stitches right below her lip. She was so brave and so was I, this was the first time any of my kids have had to have stitches so it was a new thing for me too. Sami was proud of herself because she didn't cry while they were stitching her up.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sami got glasses!


Sami knew exactly which glasses she wanted and I think she did a good job picking them out. They are black with turquoise  on the inside. She has been so excited to go get glasses so this was almost as good as Christmas...... almost!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ethan: Demon or Angel?


So about a month ago I had an interesting conversation with Ethan, here is how it went:

me: Ethan you have been kind of naughty and ornery lately, it makes me sad. I miss my happy Ethan who is nice and loves everyone.

Ethan: (straight faced) Your Ethan is dead.

Okay,.... what do you say to that? I couldn't help but to hide a little laugh, because where does he come up with these things? Is he seriously possessed? ( He has started to act better in the past month, thank goodness!)

Then this past week he was acting silly and I asked him this...

me: Who are you?

Ethan: (proudly) I Am A Child Of God! And he has sent me here!

Sami told me that in primary they ask the kids this question and they all respond in this manner. So thank you the primary leaders for changing my Ethan from and demon to an angel! 

The Great Adventures of Pengy!


















A couple of years ago Braden got a stuffed penguin that he named Pengy. Braden loves Pengy, he used to carry him around everywhere. Over the years Pengy has been know to get himself into a little trouble from time to time, like jumping into the bathtub with the kids. Well this past week Brad went on a business trip to Boston and Pengy jumped into his computer bag so he could go along too. Brad documented Pengy's adventures and emailed them to the kids, who in turn had a blast seeing all he did.

The Picture above is Pengy sitting in his airplane seat.



Pengy looking out the airplane window. My kids were a little jealous cause Pengy has been on an airplane and they haven't.








Pengy in his hotel bed and getting into the hot tub!



Pengy going to Brad's meetings with him. All of Brad's colleagues loved Pengy and helped take pictures of him.







Pengy talking on the phone.

This is one of the side effects of hanging out with Brad so much, you can't help but become a phone user!







This is Pengy hiding in a Christmas tree and riding Rudolph!



Apparently Pengy has a sweet tooth. He finished an ice cream sundae and then ate a bunch of mini candy bars!



The kids thought this one was pretty funny, it is Pengy trying to win a friend out of one of those toy machines.








After a long trip it was back to the airport so he could bring our dad back to us. This is him going through the security check, luckily he behaved himself and didn't try to smuggle anything!







He did take a little time out to get a massage!








Waiting to board the plane.







He was so happy when he found a friend to talk to at the airport.




We are glad both Pengy and Brad arrived home safely. We missed them both so much!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Chef Cluzey !

Brad has finally launched his recipe blog! It is called Chef Cluzey. You will all have to go and check it out.

Chef Cluzey