Sunday, May 25, 2008

Let's Play Catch Up!



Okay, I have been meaning to blog for over a month now and haven't for a few reasons: 1) I lacked the know how of putting pictures up and I really wanted pictures on my blog and 2) if you know my life then you know my husband has been working tons lately and by the time I get the kids in bed I can barely drag myself to bed let alone type complete sentences! So here I sit now with a little more knowledge and my Brad around to man the fort. So I want to play a game called " What's been going on with the Hintze's ". We have had some fun excursions and laughs over the past couple of months so let's start!


This year for spring break Brad had to work so I decided that I didn't want to sit around all week alone with the kids and plus it was cold here in the Wasatch Front (surprise, surprise!) so we headed south to St. George to visit with Andy, Myrna and Bailey, Brad's brother, his wife and their daughter. We camped out at Red Cliffs, which is probably one of my favorite places.DSC_8576

It was a little bit windy! We also took my nephew Aaron with us.


Andy taught the kids how to repel. This is Sami and Braden showing off their skills.


Then my usually scared to death daughter took on the 75 foot repel! My heart was beating so hard, I thought I would be scared to watch her but more than anything I was extremely proud of her!DSC_9006

Of course then I had to do it so I could make my children proud of me. Do you know how good it feels to do something while all of your kids are cheering you on? Pretty incredible!


DSC_9035 DSC_9060



Jacob and Ethan playing safely on the ground.





I think Jacob liked camping, but then again he is always happy and smiling!





Two of my favorite boys!







The kids had fun playing in the water.




After we left Red Cliffs, Brad had to go home and the rest of us stayed at Andy and Myrna's for a few more days.



Braden and Jacob at the Pioneer Museum.






At the St. George Temple.







At the Dinosaur Tracks Museum.



When our visit was done in St. George we then headed to Brad's parents house to spend the rest of the week with Grandma Jill and Papa Jerry. At the end of the week Brad was able to come back and spend the weekend with us. It is always good to have him around! I love how much the kids love him and play with him.



This is just one of my favorite pictures of Jacob.




For one our next adventures we bought Season Passes to Lagoon and took the kids for their first time.n552023273_848803_7877[1] n552023273_848806_8574[1]

They had a blast and Braden has turned out to be quite the dare devil!  He has become Brad's little roller coaster buddy. Sami still needs a little convincing but I know she will come around. She has gone on the white roller coaster but that is the extent of her bravery.


DSC_9911 Next let me say that I love it when my kids play together nicely! A week ago they built quite the fort in our backyard. And they spent hours playing in it. It was also nice that the sun was out long enough to enjoy it.


Next we have Slurpy Monster!DSC_9944

It is so funny to watch Jacob eat noodles. He makes the funniest slurping noises. I think noodles are his favorite food, he always gets so excited.


And last but not least I need to give my husband a little praise. Yesterday he ran in a 5k race and came in 3rd in his age bracket. The kids were so proud of him. This is just a warm up for the sprint triathlon he is going to do in June. DSC_9960

So there you have it. I hope I can keep on top of blogging better from now on. I'll type more later.