Monday, June 16, 2008

Haircuts and Loose teeth

My scraggly haired kids are gone! Yeah!IMGP8812 IMGP8813


Sami wasn't going to get hers cut but then when we got there she changed her mind and decided she wanted it cut like mine.


I love new haircuts, they always make me feel so good. It is probably one of my favorite things.


And Braden lost his first tooth! When he put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy he also left a questionnaire for her, he wanted to know more about her. He is very inquisitive, I love that about him.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Multi-tasking at its best!

So I finally figured out how to cut down on the time that my daily chores take. Jacob was inspired and helped me see how I could multi-task , and make life a little more fun along the way!DSC_9965

So from now on I am going to bathe my children and do laundry at the same time!


Monday, June 9, 2008

My Tri-athlete...well almost!






Isn't he so cute!








Poor Brad has been training for months to do the Salem Triathlon, which was on June 7th, but Mother Nature had plans of her own. We woke up Saturday to quite the down pour. The rain finally let up but by that time they had canceled the bike part of the race and cut the swim down by 300 meters.  So in the end he didn't get to do his triathlon but he still did get to swim 500 meters and run 3.1 miles.


Brad and his friend, Michael Walker, waiting for the race to start.

DSC_0281 Go Brad go!


As I stood at the finish line waiting for Brad, I was getting really excited and kind of emotional, I was so proud of him. I kept telling myself that I couldn't cry (and no I am not pregnant!). I love that he did something he wasn't sure he could do.


Yeah Brad!!!!