Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Daughter the Star!


December has been busy for Sami. She was in the play "A Christmas Carol" at her school. She didn't have any speaking parts, but she got to dance in one of the scenes. I don't have any pictures of her performing, Jacob barely let me watch the scene where she danced. I spent the rest of the play outside with him. I guess I will have the watch the DVD we bought of the performance to see how they all did.


Sami and her best friend Drew.

Sami also was in her school choir again this year. They did such a good job! My mom was nice and stayed home with Jacob so I actually got to watch this one!



Sami and her friend Lexi, they sang their little hearts out!

And here is what our boys have been up to, not quite as ambitious!


Just lying around watching Christmas movies!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Crazy Kid!


So this morning Jacob wanted to go outside and I told him that he had to get dressed first. After I changed over some laundry I went into the kitchen and found the back door open. Jacob was out back, I guess that this is his idea of dressed!